Q: Why should I buy from you instead of buying from other online sellers?

A: Because I can personally source that specific item you cannot find anywhere else. It might be a personalized bag, or some cool, old artefact impossible to find now, or a particular T-shirt you saw somewhere in Thailand. If it’s made in Thailand, I can source it. People who regularly buy from me had already visited all the other online shops and couldn’t get the item (or the service) they wanted. I’m not the cheapest on the market, I don’t have anything “exclusive”, so all I have to offer is the promise you will receive your order exactly as you wanted it. Because I personally make sure you will. Here you don’t deal with a “company”, but with one individual who does everything, From answering your emails to explaining the order at the factory to package it and go to the post office and ship it.

Q: Your prices are high. In Thailand the item costs a lot less.

A: I know. But quality is never cheap, regardless of the country and the product. Thai prices are not as cheap as you may think. I only sell the best quality products, made with the best material and skills, which is definitely not cheap (hence, many manufacturers have introduced low quality stuffs under all respects). Most of the prices you’ll see on this site are (on average) a bit higher than the retail prices at the shops on the Sukhumvit road. This means that if you come here and buy the gear by yourself, you’ll probably save some USD. I enjoy a very good relationship with every manufacturers (we know each other since I started this business as an hobby). This entitles me to some “privileges” such as faster delivery, customizations (even for one item) and small discounts.

Q: I have seen some articles from China or Pakistan that looks great and costs a fraction of yours. How come?

The stuff on display here can’t be compared with cheap copies made in Pakistan or China. It’s like comparing a Jaguar and a Peugeot: they both co-exist in different market segments and both are legitimate products made for different budgets. A T-shirt can be made with very cheap materials and still look very good online. Thailand is developing fast and it’s much more expensive than China, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan in just about everything (cost of living, salaries, transportation, etc.) Even from a holidaymaker point of view, Thailand is not a budget destination anymore. In conclusion: stuff from Pakistan and China may look good but quality is horrible; it has a very short life span and you might injure yourself. There are cheaper brands made in Thailand but they don’t appear here, as they don’t qualify to be among the best. This shop is meant to meet the European and American very demanding customers. As usual, you get what you pay for.

Q: So why now everybody buys stuff from China?

Cheap stuff made in Pakistan or China is everywhere, online and offline, not because it’s good, but because importers and distributors can reap much larger profits by marketing it to retailers and wholesalers. From what I’ve seen in Italy and other countries, consumers don’t have much choice, unless they buy online. What they can buy, usually is the cheap stuff that generates the highest profits for all parties involved (importer-distributor-shop owner). It’s easy to make money on an a crap article that cost a few USD at the factory in China and will be sold for an indecent amount of money to the end-user.

Q: Do you have a shop in Bangkok where I can buy directly?

A: No. www.bababobo.net is a dot.com company. There is no brick-and-mortar shop. The shop exist only online. If you’re planning to visit Thailand, I can deliver to you (in Bangkok only) after you’ve placed your order and paid in advance. This will work only if you order some weeks in advance.

Q: Do you have wholesale prices? Do you deal with bulk orders?

A: No. After hundreds of inquiries that went nowhere, I have learned that:

  1. traders, importers, distributors and retailers contacting me are totally off-track. They should deal directly with the manufacturers. They might be able to grant those amazing you dream of. Sadly, I can’t;
  2. the majority of these so-called wholesale/bulk orders are in reality small/medium-sized orders weighing less than 20 Kg. If you buy for an amount of 1000 USD it’s not a bulk order.

Q: I plan to resell your stuff on my own site. Can you offer me a discount?

Sadly, there won’t be enough profits for both of us. Before you start your online shop ask yourself how you will be able to compete with me (I buy from the factory, at discount) and with official/unofficial distributors (they buy from manufacturer in real bulk and ship by sea-freight). After you’ve paid for air mail shipping, import duties and add your mark-up, your final price will be pretty high. Only in case you sell items nobody else is selling, you might get customers. Again, my advice is for you to contact the manufacturers, not me, as I’m a retailer like you.

Q: How do I order and purchase the gear? There is no cart, no check-out option?

A: There is no shopping cart, on purpose. I prefer a more personal and personalized approach when answering inquiries. Besides, one of the reasons people buy from me is to be able to customize their gear or tell me to find a specific item. To order, just send me an email with items codes, sizes, and quantities, and your country of residence. I’ll reply within 12 hours with an offer inclusive of shipping by air mail and payment options. My one and only email is: admin@bababobo.net. Write me and we’ll take it from there.

Q: I’ve got your quotation and I want to go ahead with the order. How do I pay you?

A: I accept transfers by Western Union, Moneygram, T/T. Payment is always in advance.


Q: I’d like to get a free sample, please…

A: There are no free samples. Because:

  1. I get nothing for free from the manufacturers, apart from a Muay Thai calendar at the beginning of the year;
  2. All the prospective customers (with no exceptions) I sent free sample in the past lead me to nothing.
  3. I’m not a charity;

Q: How long will it take to manufacture/receive my order?

A: Actually any manufacturer has it’s own lead times. This is an area where I have no control. Deadlines are rarely met. Many variable factors can impact negatively manufacturing time. Shipping time by air mail is about 10-12 days worldwide, 1 week for Australia/New Zealand. SAL, or economy-airmail, takes about 4-6 weeks to USA and 6-8 weeks to EU. If your order involves more than one manufacturer it’ll probably take longer than if you order everything from one factory.

Q: What about shipping costs?

A: An accurate shipping cost will be included in my quotation. You can browse mail rates from Thailand to the world here

More questions? Write me at admin@bababobo.net .