Freak Austrian motorbike

Freak Austrian motorbike

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Today surfing the internet around, I run into a very special bike !

Basically what drew my attention was the weird shape of this electrical bike. Yes, electrical ….. This green vehicle is available in two versions: The J1.150 comes with an 8.3 kilowatt hour battery pack, which the producer claims is good for just over 93 miles. The more expensive J1.200, which weighs 400 pounds, sports a 12.7 kWh pack with a range of 124 miles.
Both models have regenerative braking and a single-stage “twist-and-go” gearbox.

Pricing is 23.000 EUR for J1.150 and 25.000 EUR for J1.200. Hell of a money but the bikes are worthing every single cent.

Have a look: